Our Philosophy

Smiley Sunflowers Philosophy

Smiley Sunflowers Pre-school has an inclusive and child-centred philosophy, where children from all backgrounds are nurtured and respected and learn that others should in the same way, be respected. The welfare and best interests of each child is central in making decisions for the running of the pre-school.

Smiley Sunflowers aims to allow children to “just be children”. Childhood is seen as a magical period of time in which play, imagination and creativity are encouraged and supported.

Children are encouraged to make their own decisions to increase their sense of self-awareness and confidence in partnership with their educators and parents and to take an active role in their own learning.

The Pre-school aims to provide a safe, warm, caring and calm environment where children feel valued and included and are able to develop to their full potential by actively learning through play.

The early years educators at Smiley Sunflowers observe each child’s physical, social, cognitive, emotional and language development. This holistic approach to the development of each child’s set of needs encourages children to learn at their own pace and form a positive attitude to learning. Children are supported in their journey to becoming confident and competent learners.

The pre-school uses elements from multiple education approaches/methods to achieve the learning components from High Scope, Montessori and actively learning through Play. This includes a component on learning outdoors (an outdoor education programme) in which learning and play and the use of natural materials in the outdoors is promoted as a learning benefit.

Smiley Sunflowers Pre-school aims to be a safe, reliable and organised service in which a qualified and experienced team promote our philosophy and provide a diverse range of opportunities for play and learning for children to experience.

The Pre-school aims to follow the principles of Síolta where a quality service is provided to the community and through a well-balanced curriculum that is underpinned by Aistear.

The Smiley Sunflowers team aims to work in partnership with parents through open and honest communication. The pre-school team, parents and children are included in making appropriate decisions and are encouraged to be involved in the learning process.

The pre-school aims to treat all stakeholders (school community, parents, employees and children) fairly and to build and grow healthy relationships with parents and stakeholders.

Smiley Sunflowers Pre-school aims to be a “green school”, whereby we try to incorporate the use of more natural materials in art and play and “reduce, reuse and recycle” materials as much as possible.

Our aim is to see lots of HAPPY, HEALTHY and SMILING children.

Shanna Winstanley B.A. PGCE