Finding the right pre-school can be a hard task!

Finding the right pre-school can be a hard task!

An article by Claire Lewisco

“Children are so amazing they deserve the best environment to learn, play and above all grow. My daughter, Eabha is four years old and is due to graduate from pre-school next Thursday, sniff sniff!! I can’t believe myself that she is this old already, and starting school at the end of August….!

I have been extremely lucky with both experiences relating to Eabha’s needs. And as part of the free ECCE scheme I chose to send Eabha to Smiley Sunflowers Pre-School. As an earth scientist I practice a lot of outdoor nature based activities at home and recognise the enormous, and sometimes overlooked, benefits to child development nature can bring. Outdoor activities would be something I would look for in a well run pre-school, and Smiley Sunflowers are super at getting out and about to experience nature, gardening and the environments around us all.

Art and crafts are another major part in early child development and are quite high on the agenda at Smiley Sunflowers and some of Eabha’s work was pretty cool and we have a super scrap-book to look back on. The teachers are so sweet and so eager to assist in helping the children accomplish any personal goals they might have. The visible bonds shown from all the children towards Shanna, Mary, Erica & Mel makes you smile at the fact that you as a parent have got it right.

When a child is happy it shows and when they smile it makes the first leg of the journey (on the long and sometimes “winding” road of education) a really good one.

Hear is to my little one – Eabha Lewis, you are the bee’s knees and the cats pajamas. And to all of the Smiley Sunflower’s Class of 2014 you were a fab bunch and wish you all the very best. May the wind be always at your back – on that long and winding road of education :)”


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