School Calendar & Opening Hours

Opening Hours

The Pre-school follows the academic calendar of St. Patrick’s National School, Greystones. We are closed when the main school is closed for school holidays, public holidays etc.

  • 9am – 12.30pm
  • Monday – Friday, term-time
  • Drop-off from 08.50am
  • Later collection time available (1pm)


SCHOOL CALENDAR 2016-17 school closes  

school reopens 


summer holidays 2016 


Friday, 24th June 2016


Wednesday, 31st August 2016


half term  


Friday, 28th October 2016


Monday, 7th November 2016


Christmas holidays 


Thursday, 22nd  December 2016


Monday, 9th January 2017


half term 


Friday, 17th February 2017


Monday, 27th February 2017


St Patrick’s Day   


Thursday, 16th March 2017


Monday, 20th March 2017


Easter holidays 


Friday, 7th April 2017


Monday, 24th April 2017


long weekend  


Friday, 28th April 2017


Tuesday, 2nd May 2017


long weekend  


Friday, 2nd June 2017


Wednesday, 7th June 2017



summer holidays 2017 



Friday, 30th June 2017


to be confirmed